• Why WIN?

      Angel Investors in India

      India has approximately 10,000 angel investors and

      Less than 1% are Women

    • About LetsVenture &

      WIN (Women Investor Network)


      Founded in 2013 LetsVenture makes the process of fundraising (early and growth stage) easy, efficient & transparent for both startups and investors. In the last 7 years, LetsVenture has helped 300+ early stage startups raise $200 M on the platform from 28 active Syndicates, 6500+ investors from 52 countries, micro funds and family offices. LetsVenture also has a SEBI-registered Angel Fund with AUM of $35 M.

      LetsVenture's WIN is a program setup to bring more women investors to the angel investing table. We see more women actively angel investing leading to more women eventually running Angel Syndicates, taking board seats in startups and pushing a larger change for women in leadership. WIN is facilitating a cohort based learning program over four weekends, providing an answer to the question, "How to go about investing in startups?"

    • What is our goal?

    • The Journey so far...


      Women as part of Cohort #1 & #2 with diversified experience across entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, engineering, education and more


      Hours of training over 2 cohorts


      Mentors over 2 cohorts


      Women wrote their first check in early stage startups through the LetsVenture Platform


      Women wrote two or more checks in early stage startups


      Women committed into growth stage deals via trica

    • Knowledge & Access

      Structured program where you will learn the basics of angel investing and

      network with like-minded women over 4 weekends. Cohort #2 starts September 3, 2021




      Asset Allocation: Private & Public Markets



      Introduction & women in
      angel investing

      Deal Sourcing & Investment Thesis

      Accessing deal flow & preparing your investment thesis

      Legal Processes and Financial Diligence

      Deal negotiation, term sheets, cap table & taxes

      Post Investment Involvement

      Startup mentorship, managing relationships



      Exit strategies and the
      Angel-VC dynamics

      Branding and

      Angel Syndicates

      Branding, Angel Syndicates & Board roles
    • Why join WIN?

      Access to LIVE startup pitch calls on the
       LetsVenture platform where you will see how
       investments are evaluated

      You will receive best-in-class 
      resource guides, cheat sheets and video content
       from LetsVenture

      Interact and network 
      with some of India's best angels, 
      lead investors and VCs

      First 3 Investments at 
      Reduced cheque size 
      of INR 2 lakhs

    • Meet your Mentors!

      Mohit Satyanand

      Angel Investor

      Shanti Mohan

      Founder & CEO

      Jagruti Bhikha

      Angel Investor

      Archana Priyadarshini

      General Partner
      PointOne Capital

      Kshitij Shah

      3one4 Capital

      Sambhav Ranka

      IC Universal Legal

      Kanishka Bajpai

      Principal Associate
      IC Universal Legal

      Vishesh Rajaram

      Managing Partner
      Speciale Invest

      Divjyot Chohan

      Angel Investor

      Nimesh Kampani

      LetsVenture Growth Stage
    • The Mentors Speak

      What you can look forward to...

      How to get good access to deals with 

      Jagruti Bhikha

      “You cannot be a kite without a string floating around. You have to develop a strategy and figure out what portion of your time and funds are going to be used in sourcing and evaluating deals” 

      How to help beyond Capital with 

      Mohit Satyanand & Ashwini Asokan

      "Being an investor director/mentor/advisor can call on you to do all kinds of things. You have to be prepared for sudden bursts of deep involvement."

      - Mohit Satyanand


      "The number one ask I get from my founders - "Help me hire." Today, It's just outright Talent War."

      - Ashwini Asokan

      How to Evaluate Start ups with 

      Manu Chandra

      "If I had to give a 100 points while evaluating, 70 would go to the founding team. Numbers are not that important at an early stage."


    • The Cohort Speaks


      Devina Chaudhary

      Cohort #1
      "I was a bit weary before signing up but can confidently say it was the best decision I made in a long time. Right from introduction to the world of Angel Investing to covering some critical concepts - this workshop is a great starting point for those looking to become serious, active investors. And the team actually walks the talk! Kudos to the entire team for a great initiative."

      Leela Shaju

      Education Professional
      Cohort #1
      "A course which was much needed for amateurs like me who are very keen to become a part of this eco space. The speakers took care to simplify the process and answered the queries with great patience. A very logical build-up of the sessions gave me a continuity and better understanding of the process. Got an opportunity to listen to personal stories of some of the stalwarts in this field.....Great start to a journey I wish to pursue."

      Jyoti Rai

      Chief Business Officer at IC Universal Legal
      Cohort #1
      "I attended the debut WIN initiative of Letsventure, as per me it was the most meticulously planned & executed with so much enthusiasm sessions, which spanned over 4 weeks!! the WIN Cohort was truly what I needed. I believe that each of us are angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another". Congratulating Shanti Mohan & team for initiative WIN (Women Investor Network) - a #cohort approach towards learning & enabling Women Angels in the industry. Shout out for the entire team!!"

      Anisha Parikh

      Co-founder - Hackberry
      Cohort #2

      The WIN Angel Investing Program has been a real eye opener and excellent learning experience. Being a founder myself, it has given me the opportunity to look at investing from a different perspective. The 4 weeks were planned meticulously with stellar speakers for varied topics from Deal Evaluation to Syndicate Valuation and Exit strategy. A comprehensive, detailed and very insightful program with an enthusiastic cohort of women has been extremely enlightening and knowledge based. Small things like connecting us to the last cohort, the varsity and support from the LetsVenture team added a lot of value to WIN. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about the amazing angel investing world!

      Bhavna Tandon

      Co-founder & CEO - Car Jasoos
      Cohort #2

      Angel Investing is a buzz word that many talk about however this initiative of WIN is truly phenomenal. Not only is it motivating women to become Angel investors but even better is the guidance, mentorship and demystification course that they have put together. I really enjoyed it and feel relatively confident with Angel Investing. At least now I know whom to approach if stuck which is a great feeling. Thank you so much!

      Riddhi Vyas

      Early Stage Investor
      Cohort #2

      I started my investing journey about 2 years ago, but there were still multiple aspects around Angel Investing that I was struggling with. The WIN program by LV not only helped me resolve most of these doubts, but also reinforced some of the learnings and understandings I had during my individual journey. Live interactions with some of the best in the industry, discussing their view points on different aspects of startup investments were my biggest takeaway. I have also expanded my network with over 60 amazing women from different walks of life. I am definitely looking forward to collaborating with them and LV as we all get involved with startup investments. Kudos to the team behind the WIN program for the great job they did in putting together the lessons, the speakers and seamlessly coordinating it all.

    • Meet the Cohort!

      Cohort #1 - Meet the Squad

      Say hello to the 34 awesome women from fields as diverse as education, finance, marketing, human development and more!

      Cohort #2 - The Journey 

      Sneak a peek at the journey of Cohort #2 and the their learnings & takeaways from the 4-week experience.
    • Frequently Asked Questions

      Who is eligible and what would be the makeup of WIN’s first cohort?

      • Women with 10+ years of work experience who want to take their first step towards startup investments
      • Women who have been active angel investors and are looking to start their Syndicate or Solo General Partner journeys​
      What are the important dates of the WIN program?
      • This will be a four weekend program starting September 3 and ending by September 25,,2021. The sessions will be conducted on the weekends: Friday and Saturday.
      Is there any fee to join the first cohort?
      • WIN is a paid program with a fee of INR 15,000 per participant. This includes the cost of all the LIVE sessions and resource material shared with you.
      • This fee also covers a 3-month access to the LetsVenture platform and a discount on the LetsVenture Angel Fund AIF onboarding fees.
      What is the LV Angel Fund AIF and how does it work?
      • LetsVenture has a CAT-1 Angel Fund registered with SEBI to facilitate investments into startups. Simplified details of the Angel Fund and the eligibility criteria for angel investing are best explained here .
      What are the benefits of joining WIN?
      • While you will be learning extensively about the angel investing space through the cohort, you will also get access to LIVE startup founder pitches - these are startups actually in the market raising funds. In the one month you spend with us you will see the entire journey of how a startup actually raises funds from angel investors and VCs. In addition, we offer you multiple interactions with Lead Angel Investors, VCs and multiple experts from India's private markets